Barcelona, May 2008.

“In one spot there was a magician doing a typical magic show: coins disappearing, poking a cigarette into his ear and having it pop out of his mouth. Then he levitated a table with a red velvet cloth on top…” continue.

Italy, May 25-June 9, 2008.

“The most unusual, an unexpected, comment came from a good friend of Sam’s, Fabio, who is a solid leftist economist working on themes embedded in the Marxist tradition, like the labor theory of value and things like that. He basically said the following, ‘Isn’t all of this pretty trivial? Why are you going in to all this – it seems completely obvious. Who could disagree with this?’” continue.

Basque Country, September 2008.

“At one point toward the end of the tour the person who was showing us around, Mikel Uribetxebarria, who was the president of the sociopolitical council of the cooperative, asked if anyone wanted to work at one of the finishing stations. I eagerly volunteered.” continue.

Paris, October-December, 2008.

“I have never been mushroom hunting before. Mostly it consists in strolling slowly through the woods, chatting amiably, looking down and poking around under the leaves with a stick.” continue.

Mexico City, November 11-13, 2008.

Wright’s thoughts on having completed Imagining Real Utopias continue.