“I am in the famous bullet train going 200+ miles an hour quietly and smoothly. It left precisely at the scheduled time and, I am sure, will arrive on the dot. Beautiful countryside – a flat plain bordered by steep hills and mountains, many more traditional looking houses than in the cities I have seen so far, rice paddies, and then tunnels, lots and lots of tunnels…” continue.


“I am sitting in the Forest Hongo hotel dining room listening to NPR with an ear-bud, sipping coffee, reading email, and writing. I am sitting here, next to a window facing other buildings because the hotel itself doesn’t have internet so I am pirating a signal from some kind neighboring business…” continue.


“I’m off, seat 11H Business Class, United Airlines flight to Tokyo. On the video I’m watching Mrs. Potter a biopic about the life and work of Beatrix Potter. A nice story, quite sentimental and romantic. I don’t know why, but watching it really chokes me up, really. This seems a regular event on overseas flights: watching sentimental movies about human connections and love and then feeling all choked up…” continue.