Brazil, trip to the World Social Forum (January 21–29)

“The waiting area by the gate is filled with well-scrubbed young men in black suits — all of them in black suits — with fancy name tags pinned to their breast pockets. I figured they must be Mormons going to Brazil as missionaries…” continue.

Cuba (March 9–15)

“Marcia read what I wrote during my trip and commented that, on balance, I seemed pretty unsympathetic to Cuba – my comments-on-the-spot did not express much sympathy for the dilemmas of the place and aspirations of the people. What I actually felt was more positive than what I wrote…” continue.

Adelaide, Australia (July 7–17)

“I should have been landing in Sydney just about now. Instead I am in a hotel near the airport in L.A., cooling my heels for 24 hours. Yesterday was filled with stupid airtravel drama: Becky dropped me off at the airport at 2:50 for a 4:20 flight. I got in line at United to be informed that the flight had been cancelled, but that the 1:15 flight was delayed and leaving at 3:40. So I got on that one…” continue.