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Thursday, December 1

I arrived in a dark and damp Dublin at 7:00 a.m. after a few hours of sleep on a no-frills Aer Lingus flight from Chicago. An illustration of no frills: I had ordered a low fat meal, which I did get: a rubbery curried chicken with a cold chicken salad, which was basically cold rubbery chick on limp lettuce.

Kathleen Lynch was there to meet me, and she drove me from their to my hotel, the Jury Montrose near University College Dublin. The traffic was genuinely terrible – it took well over an hour for what would otherwise by a 20 minute drive. The sleepy Dublin of the past is gone.

Kathleen was great: she is a good talker, always interesting, engaged in social issues, funny and sympathetic.

When I tried to register at the hotel they could find no record of my reservation. It turned out it was under O for Olin-Wright. I have to remember that. After a few hours of nap, I was picked up by Enrique Fernandez, a sociologist at the European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions, to go to the Foundation for a seminar on my research on patterns of job growth polarization in the US…

Trip to Sarajevo in full.