Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Madison Airport

Incredible, beautiful, sunny spring day. When Pasha picked me up to go to the airport, my instant feeling as I walked out the door was “what a day for a bike ride.” My spontaneous impulse was that I should be out on the road, but instead we loaded up his car with my bike case and four bags (big suitcase, a duffle, computer briefcase, and carryon). Usually I travel very lightly, but once I decided to take my bike then I stopped trying to watch how much stuff I was taking, and ended up with much more than I needed.

It was a little weird leaving today since Marcia left yesterday to go to Philadelphia to drive with Becky to Maine. There is always something comforting about having her at home helping me get ready for a trip. Even though I do all the packing, and organizing, it feels calmer and more under control when she is there. But Becky was exhausted and really needed her for the nine-hour drive to NELP, so last night Marcia drove with Janet and Rosie (who were visiting for a day) to Chicago so that she could catch an early morning flight…

Trip to Paris in full.