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In April 2010 Erik Olin Wright presented a lecture on Envisioning Real Utopias as part of the West Coast Poverty Center’s seminar series on poverty and policy. The slides used during the lecture can be downloaded here.

Envisioning Real Utopias from West Coast Poverty Center on Vimeo.

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Erik Olin Wright elected President of the American Sociological Association http://realutopias.org/archives/13 http://realutopias.org/archives/13#comments Tue, 08 Jun 2010 22:05:41 +0000 admin http://realutopias.org/?p=13

Erik Olin Wright has been elected President of the American Sociological Association. He is president-elect for one year and President August 2011 to August 2012. He will be deciding the theme for the annual ASA meeting to take place in Denver in August 2012. Details of this year’s meeting, the theme of which is Towards a Sociology of Citizenship: Inclusion, Participation, and Rights, can be found here.

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