The Debate on Classes

The Debate on Classes, by Erik Olin Wright (with other contributors), Verso 1989 (new paperback edition 1992)

The Debate on Classes brings together major critics of Erik Olin Wright’s work to assess the adequacy of his theory. From differing perspectives, they deploy a range of empirical data—from studies undertaken in a number of countries—and they address questions as varied as the concept of ‘contradictory class locations’, the continuing coherence of Marxist approaches to class, the relation between stratification and social development, as well as the contentious roles of gender and ethnicity in generating inequality, and the central problem of the import of ‘consciousness’ and concrete political activity on class composition.

Also included are Wright’s own spirited responses and reformulations in the light of these criticisms, thereby presenting the reader with an open, scholarly discussion in which intellectual collaboration develops an understanding of the impact of class on the wider terrain on culture and politics.

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Contents / Preface

Chapter 1. A General Framework for the Analysis of Class Structure

Chapter 2 – 1. / Chapter 2 – 2. Exchange on Classes, a discussion between Erik Olin Wright and Michael Burawoy

Chapter 3. Classes and Class Analysis, by G. Carchedi

Chapter 4. Class Theory: Still the Axis of Critical Social Scientific Analysis? by Uwe Becker

Chapter 5 – 1. / Chapter 5 – 2. Symposium on Classes, papers by Val Burris, Arthur Stinchcombe, Peter Meiksins, Johanna Brenner, and Erik Olin Wright

Chapter 6. A Revolution in Class Theory, by Philippe Van Parijs

Chapter 7. Constructing the (W)right Classes, by David Rose and Gordon Marshall

Chapter 8 – 1. / Chapter 8 – 2. Rethinking, Once Again, the Concept of Class Structure, by Erik Olin Wright