Class, Crisis, and the State

Class, Crisis and the State by Erik Olin Wright, first published by Verso 1978

From the original book jacket:

One of the major works of the new American Marxism, Wright’s book proposes the first systematic account to be constructed of the different types of causal determination at work in history and society. It then draws a challenging new class map of the United states and other, comparable advanced capitalist countries today; discusses the various classical theories of economic crisis in the West and their contemporary relevance to the current recession; and contrasts the ways in which the major political problem of bureaucracy was confronted by two great antagonists—Weber and Lenin. A concluding essay brings together the practical lessons of these theoretical analyses, in a searching look at the prospects of Left governments elected in capitalist democracies. Class, Crisis and the State is a key work of social science for the 80s … and beyond.

“A brilliant analysis of the class structure and crises of US capitalism.”—Choice

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Chapter 1. Methodological Introduction

Chapter 2. The Class Structure of Advanced Capitalist Societies

Chapter 3 – 1. / Chapter 3 – 2. Historical Transformations of Capitalist Crisis Tendencies

Chapter 4. Bureaucracy and the State

Chapter 5. Conclusion: Socialist Strategies and the State in Advanced Capitalist Societies

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